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Name:  Ayer Photography of Vermont

E-mail:  Info@AyerPhoto.com
Location:  Colchester, Vermont
Birthday:  1 January, 2005
Bio:  Ayer Photography is a husband & wife team - Warren & Linda Ayer. . Warren learned photography in his father's darkroom as a young boy and was his high school's photographer. He also served as the president of its photo club. He earned a Ph.D. in electrophysics and as a business development executive for IBM worked with Eastman Kodak on emerging digital imaging technologies and systems. On retirement from IBM he was able to fully pursue his life-long passion for people photography by turning Ayer Photography of Vermont into a full-time venture. . A native of Vermont, Linda has had a life-long passion for crafts. An expert at needlepoint and cross-stitch as a young woman, she later turned her creative eye toward scrapbooks, cards and scenic photography. So it was only natural when she retired from IBM that she joined her husband in Ayer Photography. Together Linda and Warren give their images, prints, albums, and PhotoBooks a style and expertise that is unique in the industry.
Interests:  Obviously, Warren and Linda share a passion for photography and telling stories through images - that led them to launch Ayer Photography as a business several years ago. They also take delight in their family, that now includes seven (7) grandchildren and a very sociable bichon frise, named Jeremiah. They are also active in their church. . Warren also loves genealogy and has traced his own family back many generations. He is most happy when he is able to uncover something about these ancestors beyond just their name and birthday. He will often tell of one ancestor that came over on the Mayflower. His ancestor, he notes is reputed to have fallen over board in the middle of the Atlantic and had he not been saved by some quick thinking friends, someone else would be authoring this blog! . Linda's second home is the local scrapbook store in Williston. She is constantly thinking up excuses to create a new scrapbook or set of cards, just so she can try out some new technique she learned.
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