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To keep our customers and fans informed, we post regularly to a number of different media and web locations.  This NEWS page will help you navigate to the right forum for what you are looking for.        
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2015 Wedding Photography Services Discontinued

In January of 2015 one of our key wedding photographers slipped on the ice and severely fractured her leg.  Due to the very lengthy time required to heal and regain full use of the leg, we find ourselves unable to provide full wedding photography services for the better part of the 2015 season.  As a result we are no longer accepting wedding photography services assignments until further notice.
All other services, such as portraiture, etc., that can be properly done with one photographer remain unaffected.  Thank you for your understanding. 

Ayer Photography Earns Judges Award

March 22 - 24, 2014, the Vermont Professional Photographers held their annual convention at the Stoweflake Resort in Stowe, Vermont. Along with several national speakers, they also held their annual print competition.  The judges are from out-of-state and are certified at the national level to judge PPA's international print competition.  This year our entry, entitled, "One Man Band," was scored "worthy of merit," capturing a blue ribbon, and was named a "Judges Choice." 

Award winning imagery by Ayer Photography
One Man Band

The techniques for making an image like this were discussed as a prior meeting of the Vermont Professional Photographers, summarized in our blog (CLICK HERE to SEE that post).

Rock Band Guitarist Portraits       

For something a little different, we shot some portraits of the lead guitarist / vocalist from the local rock band, Astrocat.  It was fun to explore some edgier lighting and show another side to our art.  

Rock Band Guitarist Portrait by Ayer Photography
Rock Band Guitarist Portrait by Ayer Photography

For the full story on this image see our blog - Click Here
Are you an aspiring musician?  Old or young, it does not matter.  Classical, rock, jazz, alternative, give us a call, we would love to be your photographer.  On the other end of the spectrum, we also recently photographed an 88 year old piano player as she was getting ready to join her band for a gig at the nursing home!    

New Born Family Portraits  

Did you know we do newborn family portraits?  It is something we are doing more and more of as couples whose weddings we have photographed in the past are now coming in to have us take portraits of their new baby and growing family.  Here is one we took at peak foliage finally reached Colchester on the shores of Malletts Bay.    

Newborn family portrait by Ayer Photography
Newborn Family Portrait by Ayer Photography

For the story behind this beautiful newborn family portrait, see our blog post - CLICK HERE.    

Fall Is A Great Time For Family Portraits    

The autumn colors, even if they are no longer at peak can still make a great backdrop for your family portrait.  Book a portrait session now to get your wall canvas, portrait album, or prints in time for the holiday's!    

Book Your Portrait Session Now
Fall Family Portrait in Vermont

For the story behind this great family portrait - Click Here!     

A Trapp Family Lodge Wedding     

We were privileged to photograph a beautiful destination wedding at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont just as fall arrived in late September.  For the full story, see our blog post by clicking here.         

Trapp Family Lodge

Vedic Wedding in South Burlington, Vermont        

Congratulations to Erik and Dimple who were married in a Vedic (Hindu) wedding ceremony on the terrace at the Sunset Ballroom overlooking Lake Champlain in South Burlington, Vermont on August 18, 2013.  

Click Image to See More Images and Story
Erik & Dimple at the Sunset Ballroom

New Gallery Site Is Here !!!!

We told you it was coming ... and after several long days of learning all the ins and outs of the new SmugMug platform, the migration of our image galleries is now unveiled!  I say unveiled, rather than complete, because like so many changes of this magnitude, it is difficult to complete that much in a short amount of time.  But, it is now live and operational, enabling us to stop supporting two platforms and now move into the future on just one.
If you take a look at it, you will see that our new gallery site is now an actual site, rather than just a database of galleries into which we directed you from time to time.  Already you will notice functionality and the ability to integrate back to our other business sites in a much more seamless way than was possible in the past.  More will be coming, but we are pleased to announce this significant step forward.
By the way, while we have tried to check and proof all the text and many many new links, but if you find one that seems to go to a strange place or does not work at all, or find some jibberish in place of coherent text, please let us know so we can fix it.  Hope you like our new site.
For current customers, you will notice that some things work a little differently and we are trying to get around and update our various help screens.  If you have a question about the new ways of navigating and accessing certain functions, please give me a call.
Probably the most significant change for current customers is that there is no longer a "BUY" button.  Instead, you will find "ADD TO CART" buttons in strategic locations.  Clicking on these will take you to the ordering screens that you should be familiar with.
To go directly to our new gallery site - CLICK HERE - and let us know what you think.      

Wedding in Adamant, Vermont     

Congratulations to Doug and Joanne, married at the Old West Church in Adamant, Vermont on one of the few days it was not raining in July - July 13, 2013!           

Wedding Couple by Ayer Photography
Doug and Joanne - married at the Old West Church

Wedding in Morrisville, Vermont      

Congratulations to Tyler and Alexis, married on a rainy Saturday in June in Morrisville, Vermont.     

Vermont Wedding by Ayer Photography
Tyler & Alexis - Married June 29, 2013

New Lighthouse Gallery             

See our new lighthouse gallery
Nubble Light at Cape Neddick, Maine

Church Directories Now Available at Ayer Photography       
We have recently completed publication and delivery of our first Church Directory and have now made it a regular offering of Ayer Photography of Vermont.  If your church or organization would like see what we could do for them, give us a call, we would love to talk to you!        

Imaging Excellence Awards                
In the Print Competition held at the 2013 Annual Convention of the Vermont Professional Photographers we were recipients of Awards For Imaging Excellence for all of our print and album entries.  While we have won these awards for our print entries at past conventions, this was the first year we entered any of our wedding album designs.  We were delighted that both of our entered wedding albums earned coveted ribbons.       

Award Winning Image by Ayer Photography
"Lunch" by Warren Ayer

Gone, But Not Forgotten     

A Friend Has Passed - Click to Enlarge
A Friend Has Passed

On April 11, 2013 our beloved Bichon Frise, Jeremiah, passed away just 16 days shy of his 7th birthday.  Most of our wedding and many of our portrait customers will remember Jeremiah, as he greeted everyone who came to visit with exuberant joy!  In his 22 + month battle with Lymphoma, he bravely endured countless rounds of chemo therapy and various treatments to manage the side effects.  At times he was virtually cancer free, but in the end the cancer won, as it so often does.  He will be sorely missed.  

New Album Lines      
We are pleased to introduce TWO (2) new album styles.  We showed our first samples of our new PROVENCE album line at the Bridal Expo in November.  To our delight, the next three weddings we booked all selected one of these beautiful albums as their style of choice - before we even had a complete set of samples to show them!   
At the Bridal Expo in February we showed our first samples of our new top-of-the-line CHAMPAGNE album.  It has a stunning aluminescent cover framed in leather that caught everyone's attention that passed our display table at the Capitol Plaza Hotel.  Judging by their reactions, it looks like we have another winner and are excited to show it at our next Wedding Photo Consultation. 
We now have a complete set of samples of all of our new albums and would love to show them to you in person.  Make an appointment to come and see these beautiful albums in person!                 

Jeremy & Kira at Charlotte Beach, Vermont
A Wedding in Charlotte, Vermont

Ayer Photography Love Story in Vermont Bride Mag
Love Story of Bryan & Rebecca in Vermont Bride

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